Magnetic photo album consists of sheets of cardboard or very thick paper, which is pulled transparent film covering the photo. On these sheets are applied based adhesive, leaves no traces, neither on the cards nor on tape. This combination allows you to capture photos in the desired position. Most importantly, to leave space for the contact between film and paper.

The advantage of photo albums with magnetic sheets, mainly, is that it is possible to place photos of any size and in any position. Albums with pockets usually contain only standard formats 10x15.

Magnetic photo albums are often used as the basis for scrapbooking, because the film in addition to photographs you can place the labels, printed on paper, or small memorabilia items (dried flower, concert ticket, cut off a corner of the tablecloth, etc.). You can draw the film over photo: and a commemorative card will be safe and sound, and the reversal of the album will look unusual. Closeness to old albums (the thick of the village and severity) creates a pleasant feeling to have something previously tested and forced to choose this subject for photo storage.

You can also call another advantage of the magnetic photo album. Little kids love to watch such things, often causing damage not reparable, but in this case they are unlikely to know how to get pictures, and those will remain untouched. But for moms filling this album can be a great hobby, because it can put the tag of the baby, and birth certificate. And together with the children decorate it – entertaining.

The disadvantages of magnetic photo albums can be attributed to the fact that the page they are prone to yellowing. However, what determines the "speed" such a metamorphosis, is unclear. Some 10 years later pages of ivory, and someone a year later the problems begin. Manufacturers claim that a magnetic albums without loss of quality can withstand several replacements of the photos, however, based on the practice, you should not perform such manipulations unless absolutely necessary. Each time the photo album keeps getting worse and worse.

Another disadvantage is the cost of magnetic album that is slightly higher than the standard. However, it is not too high, since the merits of such a subject to fully justify it.