In the Volga Delta in the Astrakhan region is an amazing place — valley of lotuses. From late July to early September, lasts lotuses flowering period. Usually the largest number of blooming lotuses in August, so in the second half of summer, the Volga Delta becomes the main natural attractions of Astrakhan.

Excursions to the valley of lotuses

To enjoy the blooming lotuses all students. Tours to the valley are organized from Astrakhan and Volgograd. Very popular among tourists enjoy sightseeing tours on ships and boats that pass daily. Boats depart from the Quay of Astrakhan, and the organization of boat tours is engaged in the administration of the Astrakhan nature reserve. For tour bookings please contact the Management of the reserve.

To go to the Lotus fields you can own. In the Delta, there are areas to which there is a dirt road. Therefore, if you have personal transport to get to the valley very easy. For example, on the drive to the village of Red Tugboat, located near Swan Meadows. The offer views of the lake right from the road leading to the village.

On a trip it is better to go early in the morning. Because the buds open at dawn and close after sunrise.

Lotus bloom

Each year Lotus bloom approximately at the same period. The higher the temperature, the earlier the flowering. If the summer is hot, the buds will open up and at the end of June. During cool weather, the ripening of the buds lasts longer, so flowering can start as early as Aug.

The Lotus flower blooms for only three days, after that the petals fall off him. But as in the Volga Delta grow hundreds of thousands of these beautiful flowers, and buds, they do not reveal themselves at the same time, bloom can be admired for a few weeks. In the summer every day the water rise and the buds reveal their pink petals. Isolated flowering specimens are found even in October.

In the Astrakhan region growing Lotus Caspian. Its leaves do not float in water, and rise above the water on thick stems. The total length of the stem can reach two meters. Flowers reach a diameter of 10-15 cm Total area of Lotus fields in the Volga Delta amounts to several hundred hectares. Some of the fields are in the territory of the reserve.