Advice 1: How to treat diarrhea in chickens

Breeding chickens is not an easy task as it may seem from the outside. Not enough to build a spacious, lighted and heated shelter for kids and early to feed and water them – you also need to carefully monitor their health.

How to treat diarrhea in chickens
Many inhabitants of towns and villages, as well as the owners of private houses located in the larger towns, every spring I buy one or two dozen chickens – fluffy tiny yellow clumps, which are closer to the end of the summer will fatten weight and turn into power of laying hens of all stripes. This allows you to receive daily Breakfast with fresh eggs, as well as to provide for his family poultry. Unfortunately, chickens are very vulnerable while they are still quite young and can be prone to various infections.

What is dangerous for chickens diarrhea?

If you notice that several of all the Chicks started diarrhea, in any case, do not leave it unattended and do not hope that "itself will pass". Diarrhea in these birds can attest to the fact that kids attacks this dangerous infection like Salmonella or coccids. In this case, all the Chicks can die very quickly, so do not delay treatment.

Diarrhea itself is very dangerous for such fragile little creatures, such as chickens, because it causes them severe dehydration and intensely displays a huge amount of nutrients from the body of these birds. Weakened and exhausted in the result of the painful diarrhea, they are vulnerable to any more or less serious infection, which under these conditions can suddenly destroy all their livestock.

How to treat diarrhea in chickens?

In that case, if more than diarrhea, you don't notice her Chicks are no signs of the disease – they are not weakened, they did not fester eyes and they refuse to eat, then you can try to cure them yourself. For this fit the usual strong brewed black tea, followed by water birds for several days. As food for chickens, you can use cooked millet porridge or the yolk of hard-boiled eggs – these foods promote the consolidation of stool in birds, and to normalize their health.

Diarrhea in chickens can be the consequence of inappropriate for them to feed or poor quality. You can add some amount of baking soda – then diarrhea in chickens certainly stop.

If the diarrhea appeared almost simultaneously at all the Chicks, they clearly look unhealthy and have lost appetite, then you should immediately contact your veterinarian. Only he can diagnose and prescribe effective treatment in order to save the lives of birds.

Advice 2: Where to buy chickens

Breeding chickens – it is interesting and profitable. If you did not care about the development of their own young under a hen or in an incubator for a summer of growing, you can buy day-old Chicks.
Where to buy chickens


Day-old Chicks broilers

Buy day-old Chicks, broiler on the nearest farm, where a bulk sale of young animals. Please find out in advance which day will sell chickens. Before the trip, prepare everything you need to deliver all the livestock in one piece.

To bring chickens from the poultry farm in cardboard boxes lined with sawdust or straw. In one box you can put 15-20 goals.

Remember, a broiler is a chicken bred interbreed crossing. To get your own chickens from eggs so the chicken is no longer possible. So for a quick meat fattening rationally annually to purchase poultry at local poultry farm.

Day-old Chicks laying hens

Day-old Chicks laying hens you can buy not only the poultry, but the market, where they sell farm animals, cats, birds, dogs. When buying ask what breed day-old Chicks. For example breed Australorp shows not only good egg production. Such chickens can obtain high-quality meat. Also nice proven hens breed Amroks, Welsummer, Orel, Prat, Kuchinsky anniversary, Plimutrok.

How to prevent loss of cubs

Keep all livestock day old Chicks is possible by observing certain rules. First, take care of the placement of day-old Chicks in a room with a temperature below 28 degrees. Eliminate drafts. At night divide the number of day old Chicks in separate boxes.

Pay special attention to feeding. For day-old Chicks as food you can use cool boiled chopped egg. After 24 hours, add in the diet or millet porridge. After seven days, gradually add the cheese, chopped herbs.

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