Standard led strips are sold in self-adhesive base. As a rule, most of them adhere very well to surfaces, but sometimes there are problems, for example, marriage or the type of surface. The original base in this case can be replaced by other materials, and the surface is well treated.

Before stick the led strip, you need to carefully prepare the surface. Most surfaces are degreased with solvents. Often used easily weathered mineral spirits or acetone. If the surface is painted and such solvents can mess up, wipe it with a cloth soaked in vinegar. If the led strip is glued on the plasterboard, before the process of mounting the surface must be primed. This step cannot be skipped. Priming and degreasing enhance the coupling adhesive backing tape surface.

Installation of led strip is the accurate calculation of square footage and fit the tape under it. Having measured the desired length, cut the ribbon, based on manufacturer markings. Calculate the location of the power supply. Because the unit easily heats up, its mounting location should be vented. The unit may be damaged, for this reason need free access to it.

Led strip light self-adhesive base attaches very easily. The protective strip rear need to be removed, and the tape applying and pressing to the surface using a soft cloth. Apply labels very carefully and make sure that between the surface and the tape to remove the air. If the air gets, over time, based on this site will harden and the tape will depart from the surface. If the surface is galvanized, you will have to use double sided tape or electrical tape. Thus, you will provide the minimum required insulation.

If the tape you have purchased defective or you need to re-glue it is possible. The most common method is to use a special 3M adhesive tape. In fact, it is the most basic adhesive on the new led strips. Rules for the use of the tape with the 3M tape are the same. The tape thus glued to the back side of the tape after removal of remnants of the old material. If the previous adhesive will not work to remove – the tape will not stick for long. In this case, proceed with the installation of led strip, optionally using a special profile. For fastening to it of the tape can use hot glue sticks and melt.