The main aspect of kindness is to love other people. Responsiveness is closely connected with tact, these two concept include a sense of edge and measures further enforced in the course of conversation, as well as in personal relationships and in the collective. Of a kind — developed sense of the boundary outside of which take effect words and deeds. After which the person may receive resentment, frustration or disappointment, perhaps even pain.

Education or natural gift

Responsive and tactful person observes the difference in the age of the interviewee, status, absence or presence of outsiders, and the place and circumstances of conversation. To respect, to love, to feel, to empathize, to help, to be kind to others – it means to be a sympathetic person. Culture in behavior and actions shows itself in an honest behavior to their own duties, to respect and polite attitude to their work colleagues and family.

Responsiveness – the ability to promptly and correctly to notice the reaction of the interlocutor on any words and statements, behavior and actions, in some cases, the ability to ask for apology for misconduct-a word or a thought. An apology should not be confused with humiliation, on the contrary, to admit mistakes is a trait of a strong, intelligent and educated people.

Helping others to the detriment of themselves

Sensitivity to the problems and condition of the human soul – a very rare trait that is peculiar only to people responsive. In order to become a sympathetic person, quite difficult, not to do anything bad to people, but rather to help, and not only in those moments when you ask someone, and when you see that person needs help, but not asking about her.

To be responsive is a kind of to be noble, to do good deeds and not to expect the same in return. Being responsive means to be selfless, and not to expect good deeds reward. Responsiveness is a gift that is good, noble and intelligent people. People who will never ask you an unpleasant question, will not put you in an awkward situation, and help you get out of possible unpleasant situation.

Helpful people love others for who they are, and not try to remake them for themselves. Grant aid to people or animals, able to exert only helpful people. Other people's problems they put above all else, and often these people have no family, as I live for others. Not every person is ready to start a family with someone on the first call rushes to the aid of others. Often, helpful people create marriages with the same people. Such pairs are called perfect.