You will need
  • Ficus, pot, substrate, water.
The following signs indicate that the container was the ficus, very closely: sticking out of the drainage holes the roots, rapid drying of soil after irrigation, the soil in the pot, fully braided roots. Transplant in spring or summer produce: at this time the plant survives better. Method of transplantation is called transshipment, that is, the roots in the process are not exempt from earthen coma.
Select a pot which diameter is 2-3 cm more than the previous. Buy special nourishing soil in a flower shop or prepare the substrate independently. To do this you need sand - 1\2 part peat, 1 part pine land - part 1. If the plant for several years, the soil should be: conifers mix - 1 part compost - 1 part loam, 1 part leaf earth, 1 part peat - 1 part. The optimum temperature for transplanting: +18 +23°. Do not perform a transplant in too hot weather: it will be very dry, the rubber plant will wither and spoil.
Before you remove the plant pour it with water. Ficus elastica easily out of the pot. A little shake the earth from the roots so as not to damage the plant. After put elastica ficus in a new pot. At the bottom of the tub definitely put a drainage layer: expanded clay, foam plastic and so on. Add the fresh earth on all sides that the earth was not void. The root neck should not bury. After handling ficus pour the water.
If the transplant is difficult due to the large age of the plants, just replace the top layer of soil. Note that after the transplantation, the root system takes some time to adapt. So be prepared for the fact that the first time the growth of the ficus will slow down. This most often occurs because of too large a new pot.
From October to February at the rubber plant dormancy. At this time it lacks light, heat. Often this resets the leaves. For transplantation, this period is not suitable. Keep in mind that in home rubber plants are not in bloom. Therefore, even after the transplant, it is not necessary to wait for the flowers. If you wish to limit the growth of ficus do not re-pot it. It is only necessary every 3-4 years to carry out the pruning of the shoots.