With the onset of warm summer days on roads of Russia there are cyclists. Adults and children with great pleasure pedaling. Headwind, the feeling of speed and freedom equally attract cyclists of all ages.

About safe driving on such available form of transport thinking a few. The statistics is inexorable — die on the roads both adults and young fans of Cycling.

Helmet for Cycling is not mandatory, but desirable

According to the rules of the road code helmet is required only for drivers of mopeds. But the traffic police inspectors, giving the students the right to bike check helmet. The exam is taken only if available.

They also warn parents about the responsibility for children riding without helmets and about the dangers to serious injuries. Helmet from bumps and drops protects the bike driver. It reduces the likelihood of traumatic brain injury in 63-88%.

To ride a bike on the roads a child from the age of 14, if a rights and desirable means of protection: helmet and goggles. If you explain all the dangers on Russian roads, you can easily convince the child to use the necessary.

How to choose a helmet

The choice of a model individual, always keep in mind how comfortable a helmet to a child or adult. The helmet should fit snugly on the head of the cyclist to be buttoned.

It consists of a solid body, of a material which dampens the impact force, and soft inserts inside. Designed design on one strong fall or a blow to the head. After this helmet, as a rule, crack, and it needs to change to a new one.

Some models can be used after the first blow, but the cracks will increase the likelihood of serious injury. To ride in the ordinary city rider enough to buy a road/MTB helmet.

"Basket" suitable for riding on the main roads, for a more rigid option, you have to buy "pot". To choose the right helmet for Cycling will help sales consultants shops of sports equipment and experienced Amateurs.

Cycling is a favorite pastime of teenagers past and present centuries. It became a hobby and a sport simultaneously. Subject to the necessary security measures Cycling would be very beneficial for the health of the child exercise.