The death penalty in Russia

The death penalty in the Russian Federation was established in the Criminal code, which defined the basic types of punishment for various crimes. In particular, it established that the death penalty in our country was applied to men aged 18 to 65 years for committing such acts as murder, genocide and attempted murder of certain categories of citizens, law enforcement officials, prominent state and public figures or persons engaged in the investigation of crimes or justice.

The implementation of the death penalty, under the law, it was possible to produce with the only method of execution. The last time it was done in 1996, and after that the situation with the death penalty in Russia has changed dramatically.

The moratorium on the death penalty

Worldwide, the main motive for the countries, giving its citizens a moratorium on the death penalty, is the likelihood of a miscarriage of justice, which may lead to the death of an innocent man. In April 1997, the Russian Federation joined the Council of Europe, and one of the conditions of its membership in this organization was the introduction in the country of the relevant moratorium, which was done.

The conditions of Protocol No. 6 annexed to the European Convention on human rights, which was signed by Russia, suggested that a moratorium is introduced in our country as long as each subject of the Federation does not appear the jury. 1 Jan 2010 the process of the formation of this Institute in the Russian Federation was completed: the jury appeared in the last subject of the Federation, where it still existed - in the Chechen Republic.

In this regard, the question of preservation or cancellation of the moratorium was introduced by the constitutional court, which, after examining all the circumstances of the situation, decided to maintain the moratorium in the country. Thus, currently, the most severe punishment applied to criminals who commit the most dangerous from the point of view of the companies acts is life imprisonment. However, it should be borne in mind that article 44 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation still contains mention of the death penalty in the list of the types of penalties that may be applied to the criminals.