Sort of "La-La-FA" experts in the field of agronomy refers to the varieties with middle-age. This means that from the moment of planting the seed until the first tomatoes usually takes place about 100 days.

Characteristics of the variety

Tomato "La-La-FA" has most of the characteristics of this culture that are valued by gardeners. So, the bushes of this plant are rather large, providing them with a high intensity of fruiting. Plant height can reach 1.5 meters, which, coupled with the weight of the fruit makes it quite difficult for self-retention balance. So experts recommend to provide them with additional support.

As the result of aging, this variety brings dense, without voids fruits that are not too vary greatly in size: the average weight of each tomato is usually from 130 to 160 g. Yield grade can be up to 4 kg or more of fruit from one Bush. However, they are sufficiently stable to prolonged storage in the absence of visible damage to healthy tomato can lie in a cool place for up to two months without losing their taste.

Such properties of this tomato make it suitable not only for direct consumption but for use in the preparation of pickles and other types of workpieces. The fruits of the variety "La-La-FA" belong to the category of flat-round, so they are comfortable enough to put into banks. In addition, they almost do not crack even when pouring hot water, and retain their flavor in the cooking process.

The cultivation of tomato varieties "La-La-FA"

This variety of tomato is well suited for growing in difficult climatic conditions of Russia and gives an excellent yield. However, the number of warm and Sunny days in the Russian climate is usually not enough to sow them directly into soil, so these tomatoes, like others, should begin to grow as a seedling, roughly in March.

After the soil is sufficiently warmed, usually in may, the seedlings can be sown in the greenhouse, covered with foil. Usually do it when the seedlings reached the age of not less than 50 days. It is fairly resistant to weathering, so you can do without preliminary hardening.

In the process of development of the plant may be trying to form a a few stems, however, in order to provide the most effective fruiting, it is recommended to leave 1-2 of the stem, which then need to tie up.