You will need
  • 400 g cotton yarn "iris" or woolen yarn of the same thickness
  • a set of 5 spokes №1,5
  • straight or circular knitting needles No. 2 and 1.5
Simple tunic knit hosiery knitting. Clear measurements — poluobhvat hips poluobhvat chest, girth of the neck. Make 2 sample — gum and socks and knit.
Start to knit with the lower part of the front. Type in the desired number of stitches on straight or circular needles and provarite 5 cm rubber 1x1. Go to the spokes №2 and knit hosiery knitting up to the waist, not adding and not subtracting loops.
Again, go for thinner spokes and provarite waist band 2x2 cm On again knit spokes number 2 to the openings. At the end of the facial series add loops on one sleeve, then at the end of the reverse on the other. Continue knitting hosiery knitting up to the neck.
For vyvazhivanija neck, find the middle of the work. Mark it with the knot of a different color. Loop one half clear for the additional thread. On the other half of knitting, close the loop of the neck and continue to knit the shoulder.
Provarite hosiery knitting 3 cm, mark the shoulder line with a thread of a different color. Provarite 2 cm to the Rostock area of the back, then remove all the loops on the secondary thread and return to the left for more thread half of the front. Similarly, the second arm link and the second part of the neck. Povezav the last row of shoulder, type as many loops as you closed on the neck. Tear off the thread which was knitted on one of the shelves, connect the two parts of the back and then knit hosiery knitting.
Dawasa to the line of openings, close the loops of the sleeves. Do it at the beginning of the front range and in the beginning of the next purl. Continue knitting the back until the waist. On the waist line go for thinner spokes, as you did when knitting the front and provarite rubber band 5 cm then the spokes №2,5 knit hosiery knitting again, and at the end of the elastic band on thinner spokes. Close the loop.
Sew the side seams. Enter loop sleeves on circular needles №1,5 or five spokes and provarite rubber band 3-4 cm likewise do the elastic and hem the second sleeve.
To dial collar on a thin circular spokes or five spokes loop cap and provarite circle rubber band 10-12 cm