You will need
  • - the application for registration, if necessary with the application;
  • - extract from EGRUL or egrip;
  • codes of statistics (for legal entities);
  • - data on the average number of employees with a mark of tax inspection for the previous year;
  • - tax reporting or Declaration of the company or entrepreneur for the last year with a mark of tax;
  • - extract from the register of shareholders (for CJSC and OJSC);
  • - power of attorney;
  • - the passport.
Complete the application for inclusion in the registry. You can find it online on the sites of structures for support of entrepreneurship (the Moscow Department of support for small and medium businesses or entrepreneurship centers of the administrative districts). In the presence of branches and representative offices, complete the appropriate Annex to the statement. For inclusion in the registry of legal entities also need to fill out applications for information about the founders and the forms of accounting reporting.
Prepare a power of attorney for the representative who can submit documents to the one stop shop of the Department of small business support. For companies it is mandatory, entrepreneurs, if you apply yourself, you can do without a warrant. Notarization is not required, just the signature of the Manager or entrepreneur and printing.
Collect the necessary documents. Basically it is the documentation that is already in the hands of the representatives of the company or entrepreneur: - reporting to the tax and information on the average number of employees with a mark tax; codes of statistics (only for firms);- extract from the register of shareholders (for CJSC and OJSC). You'll need to take relevant extract from egrip or register, as its validity is limited. Most of the documents are provided in original for verification and return to the applicant. In one window there is only the statement and power of attorney.
All the documents relate in office hours with one stop shop of the Department of support of small and medium-sized businesses in his district. Usually they are in the same room as the regional centre of entrepreneurship support. The exact address and opening hours can be found on the website of the Department or the district PCR.
If the documents are in order, the named employee service period you will receive a certificate of inclusion in the registry. The stage of readiness of the certificate you can track on the website of PIU for the County.