Advice 1: Where there are fireflies

Fireflies, as they call the larvae and beetles are some insects that are found in different parts of the world. They can often be seen in caves and outdoors, wherever the environmental conditions are damp, where there is enough food and where there's a high wall or canopy.
Where there are fireflies
Fireflies do not live in cities, they prefer the wild. But in country conditions fireflies can come and disappear in a certain area.

Its habitat is the Prairie, the steppe and the pampas.

Different species of fireflies are found in North and South America, Europe (UK), Russia, Asia (China, Malaysia and India), New Zealand, Australia.

Fireflies prey on snails, small size and slugs, and they should be sought near places where the usual prey. To observe insects easier from may to July, when they mate. Notable fireflies in the evening hours, for approximately two hours after dark. Fireflies much less you can find in the woods than on open land, covered in grass, or near fences. However, insects are not found near land fertilized for agriculture.

A colony of fireflies in Malaysia

A large colony of fireflies is found close to Kampung Kuantan, a small village near Kuala Selangor in Malaysia, on the coast of the Strait of Malacca. Those fireflies belong to the family Lampyridae. A colony of insects has aroused the interest of entomologists in the 70-ies of the 20th century.

Natural Park, is now open in this location for the General public, is a combination of tropical and swamp forests. Fireflies live only in mangrove forests of the reserve with an area of 296 hectares. During the day they go into the grass growing next to mangrove trees. At nightfall they move to the mangroves, standing on the banks of the river. In the trees they feed on the juice of their leaves. Females and males of the insect glow in the dark greenish flickering light, attracting each other to mate.

Each tree can live separate subspecies of the fireflies, and it shows their flickering, which differs from the illumination of the fireflies the other subspecies by the blink rate.

Since 2000, the number of fireflies in the reserve had decreased considerably. Local residents believe that the reason is the construction of a dam in the upper reaches of the river.

Fireflies UK

The British Isles are inhabited by glowworms Lampyris noctiluca family. Although it is believed that representatives of this family prefer limestone soil, they were observed in various parts of the UK.

Fireflies found in gardens, hedgerows, railway embankments. Most often you can find them on abandoned Railways. Insects also see on the cliffs in wooded areas, heaths, in the hollows of Scotland and Wales.

Fireflies are also found on the island of Jersey, under the protection of the United Kingdom.

Overall, fireflies is much more common in the southern part of the British Isles.

Advice 2: Where there are mermaids

In traditional Slavic mythology, a Rusalka is considered to be the humanoid female, less often male gender, which knocks the road travelling, or hiding them in the thicket or pulls under water and drowns in the swamps and rivers. Most often, mermaids are depicted naked, with long flowing hair and with a powerful fish tail. In various tales and myths, we can identify several types of mermaids with differing habitat.
Where there are mermaids

River mermaid

Mermaids, according to ancient Slavs living on the bottom of the rivers belong to the river mermaids. They can look very impressive: young green-eyed girl with a good figure, her well-groomed hair, the upper half of their bodies has a human face, and the lower is covered with green scales fish tail. They are able with your voice and songs to direct the spell (Wraith), caught in the trap of a man dragged under the water for fun or boredom. In some cases folklore indicates that mermaids eat the flesh of people, though, this statement is more characteristic of Western mythology. Mermaids are young, not married girl, drowned and confined water in any pond. Therefore, under the common name "river mermaids" also refers to the lake mermaids and mermaids that are found in the wells. Also they can be found in floodplains and shady creeks.
To distinguish a mermaid can be pale skin color, cold hands and hair with a greenish tint.

Wood mermaid

The other kind of mermaids lives on the spreading branches of trees, often oaks, Apple trees, eve. A mermaid can be seen on a hot summer day in the forests and groves away from the settlements. It is more harmless than her river sisters, don't attack people, just sitting on the branches, dangling tail and comb comb their long beautiful hair. This kind of water often helps dev out of the way, but sometimes when im bored, I like to play with real people all pointing the wrong direction, leading to the thicket. They laugh at the traveler, proud of his ability to enchant all who fall under their spell.

Field mermaid

Field skill sets are very different from other types of mermaids. They don't have a tail, walk on two legs, often Nude or in a long white shirt with consistently long flowing hair. They play around in the fields and meadows under the moon, singing songs, making wreaths of flowers, are "gregarious" way of life. Meeting a mermaid is very hard, people they are afraid of and trying in advance to get off the road. A mermaid's dance, you can only peek out from behind the trees or bushes. Mermaid man can not see, but they feel it and, while it does not represent for them danger, allow themselves to look at, but sensing something was wrong they either run away or dissolve into the air, turning into early morning mist.
The attitude of the mermaids in the majority, though negative, but respectful. In Slavic conspiracy mother asking mermaids not to touch their children, instead of the proposed gift.

Sea mermaid

Sea mermaids are also called sirens, are common in Western mythology. They are similar to the Slavic river Undine: beautiful and aggressive, their main difference is that they are not drowned, sea mermaid – daughters of king Triton's underwater. In addition, these water nymphs like these decorations in the form of pearls and precious stones. There are many legends, according to which mermaids with his singing forced the captains to steer the ship on the reefs and stones, ships were wrecked and went to the bottom, and the sailors drowned mermaid.
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