To part with the old tapes sooner or later. Almost everything that is in the collection, already available in digital form online or on the computer. Unique records is to digitize at home or in the salon.

But, before sending the tapes in the trash, you should see what they can do. Audio cassettes consist of two useful components: magnetic tape and plastic box. And to both you can give a second life to, to cause to serve as useful objects, show imagination and spent a little time.

Second life of a tape

Mistresses know what the soles of crochet or knitting needles, Slippers quickly wiped. No matter how beautiful and comfortable was not handmade Slippers, resistant to wiping the sole to make them hard.
Enough to link them from old magnetic tape cassettes and the problem will be solved. Long life beloved Slippers are guaranteed.

Clutch bags from the magnetic tape, crocheted in simple columns without nakida, very well kept form. If you decorate a handbag of man-made colors, or rhinestones, then it's not a shame to appear in a theatre or restaurant.

Famous designer Erica Iris Simmons creates portraits of famous musicians and popular artists using the tape from cassettes. And are true works of art. This panel will decorate the home, make it unique and stylish.

Second life boxes of audio cassettes

Plastic boxes cassettes more readily used by craftsmen of various rukovodostva than tape.
That only from them do not! And lamps and holders for small items, and supports for the phones, even furniture.

Convenient form, transparent sides and the number of boxes will tell you what they can come up with.

Even if there is only one such box, no need to throw it away. This is a lovely stand on the desktop for telephone, photo, or calendar. Enough to bend it so that one part became the backup, and the second turned into a holder for the phone case or photo. Will only decorate the side pieces to their own taste, if necessary, and you can admire and show off a useful device.

Storing the headset and adapter from the computer or laptop is always a problem. Mixed up among themselves, are lost. If each wire was put in a transparent box from under the tape, then storing them in a drawer will save a lot of space and nerves.

It's only a few options of the second life of unwanted cassettes. But the skilled hands and creative imagination has no boundaries in the use of such a valuable creative material like old audio tapes.

Holders for toothbrushes in the bathroom, a rack for storing CDs, housing for a computer system, lampshades for lamps – all created from the favorite when audio cassettes, it can become the design highlight for the interior or useful devices in the household.