Advice 1: Why appoint Qudesan for children

"Qudesan" is a dietary Supplement containing the powerful antioxidant coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) and vitamin E (tocopherol). This tool stimulates the redox processes, helps neutralize free radicals, the result is normalized work of the cardiovascular system.
Why appoint Qudesan for children

Indications "Kudesan" children

In normal children, the body itself produces antioxidants, but sometimes these processes fail. In these cases and appoint a "Kudesan". The drug is an additional source of antioxidants, vitamin E. It is used in complex therapy of the following diseases: arrhythmia, heart failure, changes in the myocardium, arterial hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia, atherosclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, endocrine disorders, neurological diseases.

"Qudesan" you can give a child and as a preventive treatment of the above diseases, for normalization of metabolism, stabilization of immune processes and strengthen immunity. Coenzyme Q 10 (ubiquinone), part of the funds, protects cells from free radicals, stabilizes cellular membranes. With its lack in the organism there are violations in the preservation of cellular structures and energy production, the immune system is weakened, reduced activity, appears rapid fatigue.

The ability of ubiquinone to stabilize the cell membrane makes it effective in treatment and prevention of heart diseases. In particular, "Qudesan" positive effect on the children aged 3 to 14 years with dilated cardiomyopathy (disease of the myocardium with the expansion of the heart chambers). Vitamin E also has an antioxidant effect, it also enhances the effect of coenzyme Q 10.

How to give "Qudesan" children

Apply "Kudesan" in children is only necessary on medical advice and under his control. The drug is available in form of chewable tablets with a pleasant creamy taste and the form of a 3% solution for the reception inside. "Kudesan" in tablets is used in the following way: children from 3 to 7 years 1 PC., from 7 to 14 years – 1-2 PCs., at the age of 14 years – 2 PCs a day.

Children 12 years solution "Qudesan" you need to take 1 per day 0.5 ml (10-11 drops), after dissolving it in a drink or in a small volume of boiled water. "Qudesan Forte is prescribed to children older than 14 years 5 drops 1 time a day, and with constant physical, emotional loads - 10 drops. "Qudesan Forte in pill form administered 1 piece 1 time a day, they should take during a meal.

The duration of the drug is 1-2 months. recommended 2 courses per year. Reviews for "Qudesan" causes adverse effects only occasionally include allergic reactions. The drug is contraindicated in hypersensitive to its components, tablets do not give to children under 3 years, drops not be used in children younger than years.

Advice 2: How to treat staph in an infant

If a small child is often sick with colds, he is concerned about the tummy (flatulence and bloating), allergies and frequent liquid chair, it is possible to suspect an infection of a child organism is Staphylococcus.

How to treat staph in an infant
You will need
  • - chamomile
  • - camphor oil
Pass the necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis – it could be a stool or discharge from the nasal passages, purulent wounds, etc. After the pathogen is detected, it is necessary to make crops on sensitivity. This analysis is necessary for the purpose of effective antibacterial drugs.
Antibiotics are not always effective in the treatment of staph, but subject to proper selection of drugs are sometimes used in the treatment of infants.
An important condition for cure is the strict observance of cleanliness and hygiene in the child care – clean hands and treated with small cracks and sores, frequent diaper changes, bathing the baby, etc. All clothes should be washed and ironed on both sides.
Selection of drugs includes, in addition to new-generation antibiotics, antiseptic agents, immunostimulating drugs, bacteriophages. Bacteriophages are the most effective means of exposure to staph, but the choice of drugs depends on the form of the disease and the affected area. With the defeat of a staph infection of the digestive system is necessary to prevent dehydration – frequent breastfeeding, dobivanie water and the use of special liquids. Affected eyes should be washed with decoction of chamomile or boiled water, between the instillation of antiseptic solutions. Purulent bubbles need to treat camphor oil. If the baby develops sepsis, then you may need a blood transfusion, intravenous vitamins and plasma.
For restoration of intestinal microflora after treatment you need to give your child a broth chamomile preparations with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. If the baby is fed mother's milk, should be strictly monitor the diet of the mom – to add fermented beverages, reduce consumption of sweets. The child on the artificial feeding are fed a special low-lactose mixtures, mixtures with a peptide complex. If the baby is suffering from constipation (which is often during treatment), then he needs to do enemas – before feeding, preferably in the morning.

Advice 3: How to treat abdominal pain in children

Infants often have colic of gastrointestinal origin, caused by accumulation of gases. They arise because the anatomical features of the structure of the internal organs of the child. To help the child cope with such pain can a variety of tools, both traditional and folk medicine.
How to treat abdominal pain in children
You will need
  • warm diaper;
  • - boiled water;
  • - tea made from fennel;
  • dill tea;
  • medicinal products;
  • - consultation of the pediatrician;
  • massage the tummy.
Warm baby: put him on a warm blanket, warm iron or your stomach. Heat helps to relieve gastro-intestinal spasms. Kindly tell him something. Good friend mother's voice is able to influence no less effectively than drugs.
Before each feeding, lay your baby on her tummy for 10-15 minutes – this helps to stimulate intestinal peristalsis and elimination of pain. If you are breastfeeding, eliminate from the diet foods that trigger flatulence in the intestine, melons, cucumbers, beans, sauerkraut, grapes, etc.
Pay attention to the mix if you feed her child. Perhaps she is the cause of such symptoms. After consulting with the pediatrician replace it with another.
If the child lying in the crib, started cramping, put your hand on the lower part of his tummy, tightly clutching to the bed: heat and hand pressure can help to relieve the pain.
Try to give baby some boiled water or attach it to chest, sometimes with such measures reflex spasms are removed.
Refer to the recipes of traditional medicine, designed to help combat this problem. Give your baby special teas with herbs that reduce symptoms of flatulence (it is composed of dill, fennel). Such means are shown to children starting at one month cycles is 5-7 days with breaks.
If the above steps do not have any effect, consult your pediatrician. The doctor will prescribe your baby a drug intended to combat flatulence. They are specially designed for babies and have virtually no contraindications. The principle of their operation is that large gas bubbles are broken up into smaller, effect on the intestinal wall becomes less intense, and the pain is reduced.
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