What is a sect

Sect - this is primarily a group of religious fanatics that try to gather into their ranks as many adherents. These fanatics preach, as a rule, exercises that have nothing to do with any of the world religions. Not all sects are harmless, and the main goal of their leaders – profit.

One of the most dangerous are the so-called doctrine Rail, and the sect its name. This religious organization of the occult nature, which is built on a pyramidal type on a commercial basis. To replenish its ranks the leaders of the sect used hypnotic and extraordinary oratory skills, in addition, they all possess the incredible gift of persuasion and perfectly know subtleties of psychology.

The dangerous sect of the Rake

This sect is based on the pseudomedical exercises. Dominant it people say that can cure any disease, relieve from pain in cases when the treatment methods of traditional medicine do not produce results or recovery of the patient is not moving at the pace that we would like.

The main focus of the cultists make for a miraculous healing of children with cancer, congenital abnormalities that negatively affect quality of life. It is no secret that desperate parents are willing to do anything to help your child here on these feelings and play the unscrupulous leaders of the sect Rail. Needy people are their relatives or they offer to make money, arrange the donation of real property or other tangible assets, as these steps contribute to the allegedly miraculous healing.

Many patients under the influence of sects refuse medical care and medication treatment, thereby exposing himself to mortal danger. Blind faith in the miraculous power of the sectarians in most cases leads to death of the patient, which, by the way, healers are accused of then patients themselves or their relatives, who allegedly acted incorrectly or did not fulfill all the regulations of the healers.

How to protect yourself from zealots

Fraud at any level was a lot at all times, but in the modern world, they created the most ideal conditions – unemployment, promotion of magic and the occult on TV and in the media, the precarious financial situation in the world, often occurring during periods of crisis.

To protect themselves from different sects, it is important to understand that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap, and religious rules and teachings that are taught exclusively in the walls of the temple or the Church, but not on the street or in the entrance of a house.

The first and main step is the rejection of the conversations on religious topics with strangers, no matter how adequate and decent they may seem. It is important to realize that there is no healer or the healer is unable to help in the treatment of any disease, even the common cold, and planted or donated to a stranger won't return the health of a close person, like a session of group hypnosis.