How to measure weight

Check weighing is best done on electronic floor scales. Unlike mechanical error is not more than 50 g. Scales you need to put on an absolutely smooth surface. Even the carpet can cause data corruption. Measure always on the same scales, then you will be able to make an objective chart of the fluctuations of body weight.

Weighing is carried out in the morning before eating but after going to the bathroom. Try to measure your weight at the same time. You ideally should not have any clothing, underwear and lightweight Bathrobe permitted. Step onto the scale with bare feet, no Slippers. You should stand firm in the middle without touching the walls, doors and other objects around you. Try not to move, don't breathe and after 5-10 seconds you will be able to evaluate the result of the weighing. As a rule, once you have identified your true weight, digital display electronic scales freezes and does not change. This is the signal that the weighing is over.

Losing weight people know that weight changes abruptly and sometimes even after following a strict diet is not observed any changes within a few days. At certain stages of your body weight can increase, especially if you have been actively engaged in sports. For an objective evaluation of results it is recommended to measure not more than 2 times a week. It is impractical to do it every day. Despite the fact that there is a General trend to reduce weight, daily measurements can show jumps in the range of 1-2 kg. And for women to the same characteristic cyclical weight changes: at the end of the menstrual cycle body mass increases by 2-2,5 kg.

Why do I need to weigh myself in the morning

Weight in contrast to growth is an unstable indicator. Average daily fluctuations can reach 1.5-2 kg. All depends on the mode of food intake, emptying bladder and bowel. Even a glass of water change the objective picture of the weigh-in. Therefore, the most appropriate time for carrying out of control weighing in the morning, when you haven't had anything to eat and drink. While going to the toilet before weighing is necessary, because during the night your bladder and intestines are filled with processed food and water you consumed the night before. If you're used to in the morning shower, measure body mass to him, as water treatments also affect the weight.