Something to break glass in the dream? The Dream Miller

Psychologist and best-known interpreter of dreams Gustavus Hindman Miller so interprets this dream. To watch through the glass, and then smash him in his sleep – failures in reality, to fail ... in vain spent forces. If in the dream injury from broken glass, then in real life you can quickly gain the admiration of others.

Favorable dream is one in which the dreamer smashes the glass during cleaning. In reality it promises receiving prestigious service. But you shouldn't rejoice too soon! The fact that this place can be associated with permanent conflict and trauma of the dreamer. If the broken glass was murky, the reality of the coming continuous failures.

Broken glass on East sleeper

The interpreters of the dreams focused on walking on broken glass. According to them, walking on broken glass – to unpleasant developments. A dreamer need to make any of their actions with extreme caution. If you had a barefoot walk through broken glass – in reality we need to abandon any deals and lucrative offers, because all of this is nothing more than the usual gamble. Injury while walking on glass – to material losses.

Broken glass in the Slavic dream book

The dream interpretation considers the broken glass as a warning sign. If the dreamer sees a house with broken Windows, then in reality he will have to fix someone's mistakes. It is not simple! The shards of broken glass in a dream can mean the collapse of the family. Perhaps the husband and wife have long been unable to find a common language. It is sad, and the case is nearing divorce.

If the glass is broken in a dream, break into small pieces, then this is evidence of some imaginary illusions about lost harmony, the impending sense of insecurity and uncertainty in their abilities. In addition, the dreams in which broken glass just shattered, can you advise a person to be careful and prudent in their actions and deeds in reality.

Broken glass. Dream Of Juno

The authors of the dream argue that broken vase, glass figurines and other things symbolize dangerous situations on the roads. Here we have to be very careful. Motorists after such dreams are advised to drive cautiously. Without the need behind the wheel is better not to sit down. Watch in my sleep through the murky shard of broken glass – a long road, fraught with risk.