Obesity not only causes physical and psychological discomfort, but and dangerous for its complications, especially during pregnancy. Therefore, any woman need to know how is obesity, to take timely precautions.
Specific colpitis doctors call a sexually transmitted disease. Different pathogens – streptococci, staphylococci, chlamydia, etc. once inside a woman's vagina during intercourse, can begin to flourish. This happens under two conditions: if the location is not a condom was used, and if the microflora of the vagina was violated. As a result of violations of the microflora varies the pH of the vagina (normally it should be acidic), and pathogens are not destroyed. This change is most likely if a woman has lowered immunity – for example, because of antibiotics.
The most dangerous specific vaginitis caused by chlamydia and Trichomonas. In this case, the infection spreads very rapidly on the reproductive system of a woman "grabbing" the uterus and ovaries, and often giving serious complications. In the most severe cases may be permanently damaged reproductive function. Therefore, when the first specific symptoms of vaginitis – vaginal swelling, bleeding when touched, and changes in the surface mucous (it becomes like a "velvety"), you must immediately contact to a gynecologist. The best method of prevention of specific colpitis – protected sex (using condom) and strict observance of the rules of intimate hygiene.
In addition to specific colpitis there are a number of other varieties of this disease. For example, allergic vaginitis, which occurs as a reaction of the organism to the material from which made underwear women, or drugs, contraceptives in the form of suppositories, ointments. Allergies can also cause means of intimate hygiene, scented tampons and pads.
In women advanced age is often the so-called "senile vaginitis". It arises from the fact that as a result of natural age-related changes hormonal changes the pH environment of the vagina, and the vaginal mucosa becomes very fragile, vulnerable.
Often obesity occurs because of non-compliance (or inaccurate compliance) women of the rules of intimate hygiene. The main symptom of non-specific vaginitis purulent or "cheesy" vaginal discharge. Finding them, the woman should go to a gynecologist and get treatment.