Damage or protection?

Charmed to stick a needle above the door of the enemy or rival is one of the simplest and relatively efficient methods to restore damage. In some cases, at the time of placing needles mentally, heartily to wish evil man, however, commonly used proven conspiracies.

This type of damage is used since ancient times, but the same needle is used for protection against supernatural beings and human ill, the principle of their action is the same as that of the pin from the evil eye. If you suddenly found a needle in a door jamb, the first thing to talk to home, and I haven't seen any of them in such a way to protect your home.

If you want to protect your home with the help of iron, better stick above the door, the knife and cover him with some picture or photo in the frame. To stick a knife Board should request protection from evil people and supernatural creatures, this is the simplest way to protect family and home from negative magical influences.


Finding a needle over the door and seeing that your family didn't put her there, the first thing you need to calm down. This type of damage is quite effective, but requires a lot of time to "turn around" in full force. If your life has not come noticeable black stripe, most likely the negative magical effect of the needles you are still not affected.

Remember that in any case can not touch the needle with bare hands. Use rubber gloves to pull the needle. If it is sufficiently firmly hammered into the door, use the forceps, tweezers or pliers. Note that the handles must not be metal, because any metal is a good conductor of negative energy.

Then calcined needle red-hot over a flame or throw into an open fire, which should be diluted outside the home. Calcined needle is best to throw away at the nearest intersection. Note that an open flame is a bit more efficiently, so if your door were several needles, it is better to use it. After these simple procedures the damage can not for you to act. After the ritual, it is desirable to pray, according to the canons of you professed religion.

Even if you are sure you know someone who might wish you ill put a spell, do not try in response, impose on him a spell or the evil eye, alone or with the help of the experienced magicians and sorcerers, as no good it will not.