This woman is very jealous and demanding. She will not tolerate an insecure person. Only a reliable companion will be there, and if a man will start to show weakness, she would think about how to leave. Of course, she doesn't tend to act impulsively, she'll think about it, but will be able to make a decision. The responsibility for their children and their well being will always come first.

Victoria and Michael

If Michael is confident, can Express their best qualities, and knows what he wants in life, he can become a great partner for Vicki. Strong and stubborn companion will do everything to win the girl's heart, and then to hold her back. It will create comfort and well-being in the family will love children. But it is important in this relationship not to allow parents to listen to their advice. If a couple will live their interests, to take everything that happens, everything will be fine.

From the pair does not seem very emotional. Spouses rarely show affection, can behave like friends, not favorite people. It is their peculiarity, but only in private, are sensual and vibrant with respect to each other.

Dmitry and Victoria

Dmitry often very vivid and emotional, but he can't live for yourself. He is not interested to achieve social heights or large earnings, if not, to whom these deeds can be devoted. Such a marriage is successful if everyone is in youth, when character is being formed. Victoria then will be able to encourage the satellite so that it is not just to provide for his family, but also makes it very safe.

Dmitry jealous, and Victoria can never get his eyes to flirt with others. Do not need to give reasons, no matter what greater scandal. Because both emotional, it can bring global resentment. It is important in this Union to remain faithful and not to doubt, who lives nearby.

Victoria and Alex

He always has several people in the family it is soft and comfortable, but strong and courageous. And sometimes that can change, Victoria will have to learn to balance Alexis, not to allow it to be hard in a relationship. But it's quite simple, if there is love. This pair is often a woman in charge of the whole life, she is responsible for everything that happens with the kids, house or family. The man is implemented in society, and surrounded by loved ones only resting.

Usually Vicky and Alex is born several children. They don't stop, baby, as feel the need of someone to take care of. Usually it is the children unite spouses, and thanks to them, marriages and couples are very strong and long.