The quietest dog breeds

No single breed of dog – champion of mind - simply does not exist. Moreover, even members of the same breed or dogs in the same litter can have different character. But of course there are those breeds, breeding work which was carried out, including, in this direction. At least buying a purebred puppy of these breeds, you can to be 99% sure that his character will be balanced.

Immediately discard the idea to buy that puppy, in the name of the breed that has the word "Terrier" because they were originally meant for hunting. Therefore, all Terriers are, as a rule, are very mobile, restless and vociferous. From what is left, you can select a few especially calm breeds. One of his famous balance rock is the English bulldog is a true gentleman and a snob, trying under no circumstances not to lose its importance and dignity. Good choice – Pei, the dog with a natural sense of tact, knowing how to respect personal space, both your and the owner. Besides – not able to bark.

Particularly cold-blooded, but no less loyal and loving breeds you can still call a Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Basset hound, Labrador, Neapolitan Mastiff, German and Danish dog, mittelschnauzer, porcelana. From this list, you will be able to find exactly the breed that suits you both in appearance and size and in terms of content.

What you need to dog was calm

The dog did not disappoint and her character completely correspond to that given in the description of the breed, the first and most necessary condition is that the owner himself was a well-adjusted person, able to behave in hands. It is unlikely your dog will be calm if you can beat him or yell at him, tearing at unanswered your pet its own voice.

In addition, you should know that a puppy of any breed, appearing in your house, will bring a lot of trouble and fuss. He became calm and reasonable as you want it, he needs to grow up and his need to train and educate. No dog alone will not be able to develop those qualities of character which are given in the description of the breed – you must help her in this. For this you primarily need a lot of time, patience, perseverance and kindness. Developing these qualities in yourself, you can be sure that you will be able to bring my most calm, intelligent dog in the world.