The novel "the House of strange children"

The Rance Riggs grew up in Florida. He began his artistic career as a film Director, graduating from the film school at the University of South Carolina. Already at University he wrote scripts, filmed a short video for the Internet, was the author of several blogs. Then he began collecting old photos, then served as a basis for the novel "the House of strange children." The first literary experience was the book The Sherlock Holmes Handbook, written by released in 2009 the film about Sherlock Holmes. Fame Riggs received with the release of his novel "the House of strange children."

The plot of the novel "the House of strange children" built around old photos. Original Rance Riggs suggested gathered a collection of photos as material for a picture book. The editor advised him to use the photos to create the plot of her novel. To this end, Riggs was required to enter the circle of collectors and to collect a few more vintage photos.

Based on the collected appeared the plot of the novel. The protagonist of the book – a sixteen year old Jacob. His grandfather often talked about his childhood past in the orphanage for strange children, in whom dwelt the flying girl, a creature with two tongues, a girl who can hold fire. Jacob always thought the stories of fables, but once the creature of the stories appeared in real life and killed the grandfather. In search of clues Jacob goes to Wales, where the shelter of strange children. There he meets children who had seen only on pictures and their guardian, miss peregrine.

The novel was published in summer 2011. Critics warmly welcomed it, noting the harmonious blend of pictures and narrative. The novel was a big success and the spectators. He stayed in the bestseller list New York Times 63 weeks.

A sequel called Hollow city was released on January 14, 2014. In it, Jacob and his friends leave the orphanage miss peregrine and sent to London. On Russian language the sequel is not yet translated.

The film adaptation of "the House of strange children"

The film rights to the novel were purchased in the spring of 2011, before the release of the book, Fox. To adapt the novel for screen will be a famous screenwriter Jane Goldman, the author of the screenplay for "Stardust", "Kick", "X-Men". Will be directed by the famous Tim Burton. From the cast while it is known only one name: Eva green will play miss peregrine, the owner of the orphanage for strange children.

Shooting will begin in February 2015. The world premiere is scheduled for July 30, 2015. In Russia the film will be released a day later, July 30.