First you need to think of a harmonious way, which is suitable for a particular situation. For example, a trip with your beloved to the cinema, walk with friends, then flight to your imagination is limitless, because coral is a color that unanimously gets along with almost all colors. But we consider the most spectacular combinations.

Coral with yellow

Bright and unusual combination, which in recent seasons is very important. At night you can cover the nails with varnish or gold to create a blend of coral and gold fragments. It may even be a variation of the French manicure.

Coral with grey

A good combination of neutral grey enhances the brightness of the coral. Add to your image gloss grey lacquer cover with sequins, or simply use nail Polish silver color.

Coral with turquoise

Contrasting combination of two colors draws attention. Coral dress, turquoise nails and accessories to match the nails is all the way completed!

Coral with beige

Elegant, tranquil and classic. A coral dress beige manicure was perfect - it always looks a winner. This is a good option for business Lunches, corporate parties, official meetings. Hands look feminine, well-groomed.

Coral with purple

A spectacular combination - it gives the image of playfulness. Deep purple manicure suitable for formal coral dress.