What colors will be in harmony coral

The coral color is a very warm and joyful. He is able to quickly lift the mood, enhance the atmosphere and fill the space with sunlight. For this reason coral shades today enjoys great popularity.
Coral is able to easily decorate the gray days, to bring them optimism and energy. Even a small detail of that color will become an effective therapy against bad moods and bad thoughts.

Coral color pairs perfectly with white. The outfit will discreetly bright and very showy. If you prefer a more office shades, join coral with gray or asphalt. This colour set can be safely worn to work or a business meeting.

Great addition to coral will be the classic shade of denim. Light the coldness of denim blue and red-orange heat is a wonderful complement to each other. Colors will not compete, so the image will turn out soft and beautiful. In the same way the coral can complement turquoise. But here be careful: the lead needs only one color, and the second Supplement.

Neutral combination you will receive, if you connect the coral with the nude shade. The kit will be very harmonious, calm and elegant. If you want more brightness, body tone prefer chocolate or caramel.

For an evening out add black to the coral. The sharp contrast will make an image expressive and clear, you will find it difficult to look away. A more playful option – gold color. The combination of coral and glitter will turn you into a true gem.

Coral color in clothes: examples of connections

In clothing coral color you will not go unnoticed. This is why the image needs to be carefully planned: no detail should be unnecessary.

Bold move to choose a monochrome outfit. So chose to go with Penelope Cruz. The actress wore a pantsuit coral color, complementing it with a top in one shade lighter. In terms of accessories, nothing extra: only gold Hoop earrings and a large ring.
Choosing monochrome coral set, make sure that clothing was the most concise model. This will allow you to create refined, elegant and bright image.

Sarah Jessica Parker combines interesting coral pants with a pale purple t-shirt. Combines unusual color kit bright multicolor bag. As shoes the actress chose a black and brown ballet flats.

You can easily attach the coral to the business style. For example, under a work suit wear warm shade of a blouse or a shirt. Great if they are made of light fabric: chiffon or guipure.

Don't be afraid to combine unusual tone with deep shades of other colors. Wear coral in combination with blue, emerald, dark green, plum, khaki. For example, wear a colored jacket over a coral dress. Shoes adjust the tone of the top or use a neutral flesh tone.