The types of varnish

One of the varieties of universal lacquer for stone – sealing impregnation on the basis of silicone and acrylic resins. This composition can be used for processing natural and artificial stone, paving slabs and concrete products. The sealing varnish-impregnation does not yellow over time and resistant to aggressive environmental influences and therefore often used for exterior works and cover the garden paths.

Another type of universal lacquer for stone – acrylic protective impregnation latex-based. The composition of the lacquer part of the silicone, which allows to ensure effective protection of the surface from the effects of external factors. The impregnation penetrates into the stone structure, strengthens it, protecting from destruction.

The third type of stone varnish – oil varnish. He did not fade in the sun, does not crack and is not erased. Oil varnish is produced on solvent basis. In the composition of this medium is silicone resin, is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of stone and concrete.

The advantages of using lacquer for stone

Such compositions are widely used in interior and exterior finishing works. The varnish gives the brick or stone the following properties:
- moisture resistance;
- durability;
- chemical resistance;
- immunity to temperature fluctuations.

Lacquer for stone protects the surface from mechanical damage.

Especially the use of lacquer for stone

The technology of coating on stone, brick or concrete surface simple even for a beginner. Initially, the surface must be sanded and clean of dirt. Apply the composition with a roller or paint brush. If you need to process a large area, you can use a spray gun.

Apply varnish recommended several times, each layer needs to dry. The rate of drying depends on many conditions, but still work with varnish for stone is preferable at zero temperature. During operation avoid contact with the water under the cover. She will not be able to evaporate and will eventually damage the surface.

While working with lacquer you should use a respirator or a special mask. When should periodically ventilate the room, since the composition is a complex chemical compound. At work we should not neglect fire safety. Any paint is highly flammable.

Over time, the coating loses its original appearance, tarnish. Before you upgrade the stone surface, remove the remains of the old varnish. The service life of the structure is indicated in the instructions.