In summer, few people think about the stove, usually only the winter all I remember about her. In the hot season there are cases when motorists simply jammed the radiator, but there were no leaks. But it is better to carry out a full repair in a comfortable environment, not when desjatikratno the cold. If you find a leak, you should immediately begin to repair should not be postponed for tomorrow.

Like most modern cars, the Matiz stove consists of a main unit which has a radiator, a fan and a few partitions. From the main unit are the air ducts to the driver, the passenger in the front seat and the rear passengers feet. The removal of the stove is a time-consuming process because of the need to dismantle the dash and all the trim of pabreza, disable all buttons.

Removing heater radiator

The first thing you need to do is drain the cooling system antifreeze or antifreeze. When merging you need to open the tap, the stove, the liquid is completely gone from the heater core. The next step is to disconnect the battery. After all, you have to disconnect the multiple wire harnesses, so the probability of occurrence of a short circuit.

Next remove all the trim from instrument panel, disconnect prevents you from the elements and put them aside to avoid damage in the process of repair. Now open the hood and disconnect two pipes coming from the cooling system into the cabin. Partition installed in the body, should be free to go to the salon. It's enough to just put her down.

In the process you will interfere with the ECU, so it is best to push to the side. The wire to disconnect is not necessary, the main thing you devote a bit of space for convenience. After removed the clamp from the heater and Unscrew the four bolts of fastening. Now you can remove the entire snail, disconnect the attachment hoses and replace the radiator. Setting it takes place in the reverse sequence. Be careful to correctly connect all the connectors.

Get rid of traffic jams in the cooling system

Now that everything is assembled, you need to connect a battery and pour antifreeze into the system. Note that crane stove when refueling should be open so the radiator is filled with liquid. Fill the antifreeze to the proper level and replace the cap on the reservoir. Now start the engine and warmed up. As soon as to gain temperature, the antifreeze level will drop.

If necessary, refill the reservoir with brake fluid. The cooling system is sealed, works under pressure. So it is enough to give the engine to warm up and to work at a temperature of about 90 degrees. All air traffic will go away after 5-7 minutes of work. For greater fidelity, you can (just wear gloves) prozhat nozzles. So you will be able to expel all the air even faster.