The combination of white and black

Yellow sandals in harmony with clothes of white color. Complete set of narrow white jeans and white t-shirts yellow jacket. Black goes well with yellow. Stunning sandals will look yellow on a platform together with a black dress. This kit will not be superfluous to Supplement a light scarf and yellow jewelry.

Colorful summer

Today stylists recommend fashionistas to use color blocks. The combination of different colors in a single image will allow you to experiment with summer sets outfits. Feel free to combine yellow wedge sandals with a delicate top and bright pink shorts. Harmoniously looks complete with tunic light mint color.

Another interesting option is a light white dress with a floral print and yellow lace-up (always with a heel).

By the way, the combination of yellow and blue reflected in sets with denim. Look for this option: denim shorts, yellow top, and yellow high-heeled sandals. There will be appropriate and denim jacket.

Femininity and elegance

If you like feminine outfits, you'll like the summer sets in pastel shades. Sleeveless blouse with a pale yellow color, pencil skirt ivory light jacket and, of course, the yellow sandals.

Try a harmonious blend of contrasting and pastel colors. For example, yellow with turquoise. White skirt turquoise chiffon top and yellow sandals - elegant and fresh look is ready! In this case the model of footwear can be either: thick heel stable, thin stiletto heel, wedge heel or sandals to go low.