Who is the coach

The coach is an expert who knows psychology and is able to motivate the client during the conversation, not controlling them, not giving ready-made solutions, and pushing him to search for the best paths in life. The main tasks of the coach is to inspire, to teach people to think for themselves and not to accept ready-made options, to help find an individual solution to each problem, change the settings of the client and adjust the model's behavior, taking into account its individual characteristics. After quality, professionally conducted coaching session the client feels free and easy, he sees decision that we didn't notice before, he begins to understand how to improve your life and change the very essence of their attitudes and Outlook. Of course, such classes are conducted strictly individually.

Basic skills coach is choosing the right questions, the ability to give any estimates and the depreciation of the customer. In the conversation the coach does not direct the interlocutor, does not impose his solution to the problem and even does not evaluate his actions and words. All he does is asks questions. His task is to make the customer to find the correct solutions, to give him the opportunity to see what he had not noticed, and develop your individual way, and a number of additional solutions to the problem. I.e. it does not control, not comfort, does not irritate, does not seek to trigger an emotional reaction, like a psychologist, but only pushes.

How coaches communicate with clients

The main difficulty of a profession coach is that he has to abandon completely natural human habit to evaluate. When the client talks about some of his mistake that led to bad consequences, the specialist can't say, "You did wrong" or "Your mistake can still be corrected, so you don't worry". His task is to gently push a client to find a solution, so the coach will ask you: "What for you is valuable in what you said?".

During a conversation with a person professional must build a chain of questions that will help you gently without irritating the caller to help him find a way out of the situation. He asks questions: "What do you see this as valuable?", "What gives this experience?", "What is it you learned?", "How to fix it?", "How can this help you?". Person answering them, analyzes the situation and finds a way to overcome challenges that will exactly fit him. If the client incorrectly communicates that the coach gently helps him back to the main topic and to understand where lies the root of the problem.