Dress shoes and formal socks

Picking up socks under dress shoes, put in the farthest corner of the sport models, regardless of their color. It governs not only the color rule, but also the texture of such products. In most cases they are much thicker and bigger his formal "brethren."

Pants selection criteria

Choose socks based on the color of the pants, not the Shoe. An exception to this rule are only jeans. Brown slacks, brown socks, black pants, black socks. This rule is true concerning the blue and grey colors. Other colors require a more thorough approach. If from all tested combinations you could not choose a favorite, prefer a darker pair.

This rule is not an invention of the designers. If you have to take your shoes off or part of a sock showing from under trousers. Socks to match the trousers will not violate the integrity of the image. If you do, however, want to stand out and are recognized by the mod, prefer bright, contrasting patterns. However, in this situation, it is important to be mindful of where you are going, who will be your companion.

Favorite socks with Mickey mouse

Funny socks with different patterns and cartoon characters can lift your mood, but using them is only at home.

Wild multicolored stripes soft socks are appropriate only after taking a bath. If you are under 25, socks with your favorite super-hero can visit a disco or a party of friends.

Shirts, ties and socks

Under a gray suit with white, blue or pink shirt and black shoes match socks to the color of the tie. If the choice is made in favor of the red-black tie, socks should be black.

Under a dark-blue suit made to wear a white shirt. This ensemble often complement a tie with red and blue stripes, which in turn allows you to choose between maroon or dark blue socks.

Dark blue suit matched with a white shirt and tie with grey, red and maroon strips allows you to wear grey or maroon socks.

If the choice is made in favor of a dark green suit and a shirt the color of ivory pick up with brown boots, a greenish-brown tie and brown socks.

Remember that under the sand suit is not customary to wear white socks. Light blue shirts complement dark-blue tie and choose light blue socks.

The classic black suit and white shirt choose red-black or silver-gray tie. In this case, a choice will have to do this in the smoky, black and dark purple socks.