Fresh corn on the cob in summer, in the cold season replaced canned corn. It has a pleasant taste and retains most of its beneficial properties.

Salads with canned corn and vegetables

In various salad vegetables complement the taste of corn. Before using canned product open the jar and put the grains in a strainer to drain liquid. Please complete the simple summer snack. In a bowl, move the 200 g of maize. Wash 2 tomatoes and cucumber. Tomatoes cut into small slices and transfer to a plate. Cucumbers cut in cubes wide and send it to the tomatoes. Medium bulb bulb free from husk and slice thin half-rings. If you do not like the sharp taste of onions, put it in a salad.

Wash a bundle of fresh herbs: parsley, dill or Basil, and blend it. Mix all the vegetables, add salt to taste. Who is not watching calories, add a salad any fat. The dish was easy, add the olive oil to vegetables or lemon juice. Many filling stations don't add it, the vegetables do not absorb fats.

A simple and quick salad you can prepare it from canned corn, crackers, canned mushrooms and beans. 200 grams of maize, beans and mushrooms, place in a sieve to stack the marinade. Use any mushrooms. If they are large size, cut them into smaller pieces. Put the ingredients in a deep bowl. Buy crackers with a neutral taste, such as mushroom. Can cook them at home. 100 g of crackers, mix with vegetables. Season the salad with mayonnaise and serve immediately while the bread product is not soaked. Any remaining salads keep in the refrigerator and it is better to cook at 1 time.

Salads with canned corn and meat products

Delicious and more hearty salads with canned corn and meat. 200 g of bean juice from the press. 150 g raw chicken cover with cold water, add a pinch of salt and a leaf of Laurel. Simmer for 30 minutes. In parallel, boil 4 eggs. Fillet, eggs, large peeled carrots and 100 gr of cheese cut into cubes of width 1 see Use cheese varieties. Salt and season the salad with mayonnaise to taste. Lovers of spicy food, add a snack a small onion, cleaned from the husk and cut into squares. Store the salad in a cool place not more than a day.

Quickly and easily prepares salad with corn and cooked sausage. Put to boil 2 eggs. Put 150 grams of corn in a sieve, yet drain the fluid, cut 200 grams of cooked sausage, a small cucumber and the cooled eggs into small cubes. Add the crushed products, fresh herbs and corn. Season the salad with mayonnaise. The remaining starter put in the fridge.

Salad of canned corn is simple and quick to prepare, other foods complement the taste of these cereals.