Wash your hair and wait until they have dried. To speed up the process can dry them in the dryer, but not completely.
If you want to get consistent curls, wet them before winding on the curler lock – balm, mousse or gel. Thin hair, usually do not keep a Perm, it is better to treat the strong hold mousse. To evenly distribute the mousse, lift the top layer of hair and apply the composition on the bottom, starting from root to tip.
Spiral curler can be different sizes, so pick them depending on what curls – shallow or medium you want to. You can take different size curlers, then the curls will be more natural. Hair curler should be screwed, since the thickened part of the spiral, at the end of the locking clip.
Carefully comb the hairso that they are not twisted and not tangled. To wind the hair on curlers start from top to bottom, from the middle of the back of the head. Then move to the side strands.
Separate a strand thickness of about 1 inch, pull it, making it flat. Start to wind the hair on curlers from the root to the tip, trying with each turn strands to cover half of the previous winding. The end of the section and secure with clamp (brace or elastic band). Try to do it as accurately as possible to the ends of the hair left creases.
Similarly, wrap and all other strands; if they have time to dry out, sprinkle them with water from a spray bottle.
A Perm on spiral curlers involves natural drying, but if you can't wait, try gently dry with a Hairdryer with a nozzle "trumpet". It is better if you will use the mode of hot air.
When the hair is completely dry, begin to remove the curlers. Do this carefully, removing each mount and twisting spiral curler from the curl. As a result, you should get a light and soft curls with curls evenly distributed along the length of the hair.
Immediately after removing the curlers the hair do not brush: shake them and distribute the strands with your hands. Place and secure it with gel if you want to have your hair cut got the effect of wet hair.
Each strand comb wooden comb (this is preferable) with a few teeth.