Colored lenses for dark eyes
Recently colored contacts for dark eyes, became very popular. Thanks to these lenses a person can alter the color of their eyes, and quite safe for health. With the help of colored lenses, eyes become more attractive and bright.

Selection of colored lenses for dark eyes

To choose colored lenses owners dark eyes is a lot harder these lenses and are characterized by a deep color saturation. So if you want to change your eye color, you will have to limit ourselves to just this kind of colored lenses.

Colored lenses lighter shade when combined with the dark color of the iris does not give the desired result. Choosing lenses for dark eyes focused on the bright and deep colors that will add to your look of mystery and allure.

The cost of colored lenses varies depending on the duration of their use and of the manufacturer. Optical colored lenses will cost relatively more expensive than usual.

Even if you have no vision problems, you still need to seek the advice of a specialist. As any lenses can cause redness and irritation of the eye shell, and allergic reactions. To pick up the lens only after a visit to an ophthalmologist.

If, however, there was an allergic reaction, you should immediately remove the lenses. The irritation is possible to drip eye drops. If you do not have drugs, you can wash with cool water. She's a little to reduce inflammation, but can not completely get rid of allergies.

The rules of care for colored lenses

Colored lenses have low oxygen permeability, so you should wear them no more than 8-9 hours a day. It is strictly forbidden to sleep in the lenses.

Before wearing lens, make sure that it does not show any damage and contamination. Store lenses you need in a special container. Changed not less than 1 time in 3 months.

Use water to remove impurities from the surface of the lens is strictly prohibited. Since the penetration of various microorganisms and bacteria. For cleaning use only special solutions, according to the instructions for use.

The main means to care for colored lenses include:
- - solutions;
- peroxide system;
- saline solutions;
- daily cleaning;
- disinfectants and cleaning device;
- enzyme cleaners;
- tools for daily removal of protein deposits;
- moisturizing drops.

It is important to remember that buying colored lenses should only be checked in stores. So without harm to health you can change their appearance to emphasize the beauty of the eyes.