Advice 1: What documents confirm the status of the poor

Confirmation of the status of the poor citizen or low-income families need to receive social assistance in the form of grants, supplements, natural products. For this confirmation, the stakeholders represent the statements, documents about income, about assets, about family members.
What documents confirm the status of the poor
Low-income citizens or low-income families admit such persons, whose income does not reach the subsistence minimum established at the regional level. Acquisition of the status of the poor means the right to receive social assistance, in the form of additional payments, subsidies for payment of certain services, natural products. To get the status of a citizen or adult representatives of low-income families must contact the Department of social protection at the place of their official registration. You need to gather certain documents on the basis of which a decision will be made on the appointment of social assistance.

What you'll need to collect for the appeal in bodies of social protection?

The list of documents required for obtaining the status of the poor, is set at the level of each subject of the Russian Federation. Usually the list will include the identity documents confirming family composition, income level, presence of certain assets in property, the presence of permanent expenditure obligations. A mandatory document in all cases is the statement of the citizen. Documents on the income of each citizen or family member is usually required to show the calculation to reflect the level of payments excluding taxes for the last three months. As a rule, to obtain the status of low-income families will also need marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate (if applicable), employment records, certificates from educational institutions (for children).

What happens after submission of documents?

After submission of necessary documents the citizen or a representative of the family Department of social protection shall review the submitted information. The standard period for making a decision on the submitted application is ten days, after which the applicant should be sent a notice of assignment of the status of the poor citizen or the refusal of such assignment. Management of social protection can also verify the submitted documents and of the information contained therein. In this case, ten days after filing the application the applicant is sent a pre-notification of the decision and the time for final decision may be extended to thirty days.

Advice 2: What you will need for registration of the status of a needy family

If your family has a small income, perhaps you could draw social benefits and payments. You will need to collect documents, and then provide them to the local authority for social security.
What you will need for registration of the status of a needy family


The basic documents that are required for the recognition of a needy family:

- certificate confirming the income of family members;

- identity documents of the applicants;

- reference from place of residence.

You will need to make a statement on the recognition of a needy family – this should be done in the office of a specialist. Perhaps documents from a routine list you will not be enough to assign family status of the poor – then you will be asked to bring the missing reference. Recognize low-income family, whose income is below the subsistence level.

You will first need the documents proving the identity of family members – passport, birth certificate. Need a document that confirms the registration of the citizen's place of residence or stay – it could be a certificate of residence, extract from the house register.

For the calculation of income need to submit the documents confirming the income of family members in the last three calendar months, where the application was submitted. It could be labor books, certificates of receipt of any payments, and if the adult family member does not work, it will require help from the employment service. Family members who are retired, provide pension certificate.

Members of poor families can apply for benefits to pay utilities. In some regions this is possible with the registration of the status of low-income families apply for a grant – required documents in the apartment, the inquiry on family structure, extract from the house register and the receipt on absence of debts on utilities. Or subsidy separately – then you need more help with residency and identity documents.

The amount of the subsistence minimum adopted in a particular region, there is in each body of social protection of the population before you start collecting documents, it is better to clarify it and to make preliminary calculations. There you can see the list of application documents.


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