The first tool for coloring lips appeared about 5,000 years ago. Initially the product was meant only to change the color of the lips, no amount then it was not. For several centuries the composition of funds has changed dramatically as well as his destiny.

What's in the tube

First and foremost, women should pay attention to the lipstick for lip volume. Components which increase are of two types.

The ingredients for an instant effect – licorice, ginger and pepper – add volume by irritation of the thin skin of the lips. Products containing these components, only work during their application. When you use a lipstick on the lips there is a feeling of light burning, tingling or a pleasant chill. They usually disappear within an hour, and eventually disappear altogether, as the lips are adapted to the composition of the lipstick.

In the lipstick for lip volume also includes ingredients that stimulate natural increase even if you stop using the product. These components include collagen, hyaluronic acid, protein complex and light-reflecting particles. Products that contain such ingredients that care for the lips, making them plumper, smoothing out wrinkles and nourishing the skin.

Volume palette

In addition to useful you must choose the shade of lipstick that increase lip volume. The color range includes pastel colors and eliminates dark and too saturated.

Especially popular with women using the so-called newmovie lipstick, popularly called beige. This product is designed to highlight the natural beauty of the lips, visually making them more plump.

In the palette nadovich lipsticks are not only beige but also pink, caramel, purple. Importantly, the color was warm and matched the skin tone.

Choose a shade of lipstick that increase lip volume, you need 1-2 shades darker than your complexion. For example, for dark-skinned girls perfect natural beige or thick caramel. For the pale – pink or pink-purple.

Most often, nadowa lipstick for lip augmentation is matte. Indeed, the fine pearlescent particles resembling crystals, give lips volume, but only draw attention to the natural size. And here's a natural gloss with light reflecting particles deposited in the center of the bottom lip will make your mouth plump and seductive. Therefore, any nudewww lipstick can be combined with a liquid Shine.