Impatiens can reach two feet in height, but with the right formation of the stems of the flower can give Bush any shape, from conical pyramid to spherical. The color of flowers is very diverse: from white and purple to fiery red. With proper care, Impatiens blooms all year round.
If the leaves of the plant begin to wither or curl up, so the plant has become crowded in the pot. This condition for emergency transplant, even Impatiens is recommended to replant every year in early spring. Pot for transplant pick the largest root system. Too large will cause a rapid development of roots that will seek to fill the space. It adversely affects the flowering, the ovary or the flowers are not formed, or wither.
The soil for replanting pick up loose and easy. You can use purchase ready mix intended for houseplants. Heavy, saturated with mineral fertilizers, the land will contribute to the formation of only the green mass of balsam, and its flowering will be scarce.
Potted Impatiens is a perennial plant, so care must be appropriate. The transplanted Bush, abundantly watered. Further, to ensure proper water balance, a flowerpot, place in a deep pan in which to drain the excess water, Impatiens Sam will absorb moisture through the roots as the drying of the soil.
The best place for transplanted plants is a spacious and bright porch or balcony. Bush quickly scattered branches, so you need to watch that around him was enough free space. Remember that the light is afraid of drafts and direct sunlight, which leave on the tender leaves burns. To create a humid microclimate, recommended between pots of balsams to place the container with water.
With all the love of Impatiens to moisture, it is necessary to monitor watering. Excess moisture in soil can cause rotting of roots and basal stems, and cause the appearance of spider mites or scale insects, which will deliver processing plants with a disinfectant solution. The composition can be purchased at specialty flower shops.
The formation of the green crown of the plant produce a topping of shoots, let in a growth. Dressing spend in the period of active growth of green mass, using nitrogen fertilizers, and for the successful flowering of phosphate and potash fertilizers.