You will need
  • pot with water;
  • - a large towel;
  • - essential oils or dried chamomile and calendula.
To open the pores, you need to steam the face. Steaming can be carried out using a special apparatus – a steam bath. If such is not available, it is worth remembering with the familiar practice, called "breathe over the potatoes." So, take a pot, fill it a third of the water and put on fire. While the water is boiling – get ready for the steam bath for the face.
To make the procedure more healing – you need to add in boiling water of the herbs (chamomile, calendula) or essential oil (4-5 drops).
Once the water is boiling, the ingredients are added, and the pot rises a fragrant steam – turn off the heat. Cover your head with a towel, blanket, bedspread, bend over the pot so that the steam does not burn your face, but at the same time, not "ran" out.
Try to relax and to enjoy the healing fragrant moist air, carefully revealing every pore and frees the skin from congestion and pollution. Session duration – no more than 5-7 minutes.