All the mystical events begin with the change of residence. So it was with the family the Platform. In the early 70's they decided to find a cozy home. The farm, which was called "the Manor of Arnold and was famous for its antiquity, seemed appropriate for close-knit family. The house was built in the late XVII century. The seller is promising noted that this is one of the best houses in Harrisville. This quiet town didn't seem sinister. However the former owner did not fail to mention that the light in the room it is better not to shut down for the night. At first this phrase seemed to be the head of the family a silly joke.


Unusual phenomenon in the house began to experience the Platforms almost immediately. It seemed to them that they are out of time and space. Almost ten years they lived in the house where the ever-present ghosts. They could not leave, because something held them back.

According to real story of the family Perron, most spirits will never bring you harm. They were calm and restraint. Meeting them on their way, the Platforms have experienced the anxiety, and the ghosts vanished.

Some family ghosts had names. For example, they recognized the spirit of johnny Arnold who had committed suicide in the house where they lived, in the early XVIII century. The girls of the family Perron called him "Manny". He appeared in the same place hallway, watched what people are doing in the house. But as soon as his presence is felt and turned around, johnny smiled apologetically and disappeared.

Another famous Ghost of the true story of the Perron family called Baseball. A Ghost was causing trouble only the mother of the family, because they were the mistress of the house.

It is known that the family sought the help of mediums, including the famous Blood.

The history of Aprons in art

The first evidence of what was happening with family at home Arnoldov was the book written by Andrea Perron. At the material time she was a little girl. To describe in detail all that happened to her and her parents, it took her almost 30 years. Three published books have made a splash in American society.

Literature became the reason of a film about the family of the Platform. The film "the Spell" reflect not only their fate, but part of a pair of Warren in the lives of other Americans, are prone to invasion of evil forces in their life. Edward and Lorraine confirmed that mystical facts confirm the existence of the spirits of the Platforms.

The story of the family Perron, told one of the daughters, still being evaluated. The majority still believes the book Andrea.