This type can be attributed to the owner of magnificent forms, enchanting the people around her. What Venus usually don't bother. Look very sexy, even when you laugh. In clothes, I like loose style. Stone of Venus is diamond.


Representatives of this type are weird, a little vulgar. The distinctive feature of these women is impatience and pride. Gentleman to lure to your sweet voice, hair and gait. What Tigress did the feminine liberated than annoy even his most patient of men. The loyalty of these women will keep only their children and loved ones. Stone Tigresses emerald.

Wild and cold

This type is mainly suitable for blondes, combining angelic appearance and internal despotism. Very rarely repaint the hair or change the style of dress. Most appropriate colors: cream, white, beige. This stone type is sapphire.

Barefoot Contessa

Women of this type of earth, nice and simple. Innocence and a huge thirst for freedom combined with the fatal sexuality. Such women choose a creative and talented personalities. They are very fond of children and animals. This type - something between a Tigress and Venerate. Their stone is the ruby.


This sexy includes female children. Their trump card – the innocence and helplessness. They know in advance what reaction will cause in the male sex, as deliberately playing on their instincts. Lani is very stubborn. Stone of this type – pearl.


This woman is the complete opposite of the woman-child. They are majestic, and thus attractive to the male. A bit lazy. Partners always choose to become, because to be a mother to someone not willing stone is the diamond.