You will need
  • - 400 g chicken breast
  • - 2 medium zucchini
  • - 3 bell peppers
  • - 3 carrots
  • - 1 bulbs
  • - 2 eggplant
  • - 2 potatoes
  • - 5 medium tomatoes
  • - vegetable oil
  • - salt and pepper to taste
To stew the meat was beautiful and flavorful, you need to peel the onion from the husk, wash and dry it, and then finely chop. Chicken fillet rinse, and then slice into small pieces. In a pan pour vegetable oil, heat it well, put in onions and fillet.
Fry meat with onions until Golden brown. Take a large pot, place meat with onions.
A blue rinse, dry and cut into cubes. To make a stew less bitter, sprinkle eggplant with salt and leave for 10 minutes. While the eggplant let the juice, peel and chop the other vegetables.
Wash all the remaining vegetables, and then lay out on a paper towel to dry off.
Zucchini peel, cut into cubes and place in the pot with the meat.
Bulgarian pepper, remove seeds and finely chop, put to other vegetables.
Peel the carrots and cut into cubes or RUB on a coarse grater. Potatoes also peel and chop into cubes. Put the vegetables in the pan.
Drain the juice from the Blues, and the vegetables connect with others.
Put the saucepan on slow fire, add salt and season the stew, mix all the vegetables.
Tomatoes grind in a blender the tomato, add it 10 minutes into our vegetable stew with chicken breast. Simmer the stew for 30-40 minutes, then cover with newspaper and a towel to be fed and sated taste.
Put the stew on plates, sprinkle with greens and serve.