Baby's sleep three months

Ideally, the child should go to bed at certain times for day and night sleep. If a baby has a peaceful sleep of a certain duration, however, he falls asleep independently, then the child is in normal health and with the right mode.

But every child at the age of three months shows its individual characteristics that affect sleep. Sleep in children has a different duration. One kid Wake up early in the morning, the other can sleep a long time, and the third can sleep during the day for a long time. That is why it is not recommended to make a baby sleep if he doesn't want or to Wake him prematurely.

There is a generally established norm of sleep for a child age three months, she is 14 - 17 hours in one day. During the day the child can sleep several times within one to two hours. Night sleep of the child is approximately 10 - 11 hours. Usually this time period starts from 21 - 22 o'clock in the evening until 6 - 7am.

For the duration of baby's sleep is affected by a number of factors. Physical and psychological condition of the child is also very effect on healthy sleep. If the child is very active and feels fine, not sore, but sleeps little, you should not worry much because of this. The factor of individuality of a child with any small deviations in sleep mode from established norms is also the place to be.

Night sleep child

In order for the baby fast asleep in the house, you need to create calm and conducive to sleep environment. In addition, a very essential condition to healthy sleep is the freshness of the air and a coolness in the room.

At bedtime a child must ventilate the room. Normal sleep, the room temperature is 20 – 22oC. In the evening you need to put to sleep baby at the same time, usually 21.00 — 21.30.

If we make bedtime too late, then the child will be tired and cranky, and sleep can be significantly delayed. If the baby is active it should still be put to sleep, otherwise too late to do it will be much harder.

In the room where the baby sleeps at night should be dark, it is not recommended to leave the lamp, you can leave it near the baby's crib, and turn on as needed. Night baby may Wake up (require feeding, or it is disturbed by mosquitoes or flies), to the exclusion of all the stimuli he will fall asleep again and gradually get used to the long night sleep.