Drywall is made of gypsum and cardboard without adding any adhesives, which ensures environmental safety. This he compares favorably with other sheet materials, which if necessary can replace the FCL.

What can you use instead of drywall?

For covering structures that are designed to work with drywall, you can use chipboard (DSP). They are perfectly suitable for interior walls, but ceilings too heavy. Attach the plate the same as the drywall on the screws. In the first case, use fasteners for metal, and the second on wood.

Chipboard can be replaced with OSB. This material is more durable and has a different thickness. It can be used for covering any structures, including suspension. But for this purpose you can use cloth with a thickness of 4-5 mm. having Decided to replace the drywall, chipboard and OSB need to know what these materials are much harder painted and primed.

Another material, which will provide a solid smooth surface – the Cam plate. They are made of gypsum with the addition of astringent and antibacterial substances and equipped with special grooves and hollows that allows you to mount the plate, connecting them by a method of "thorn-groove". Pazogrebnevye plates are of two types: solid and hollow. The latter is much stronger than drywall, so they are more preferable for installation of walls and solid partitions. Another advantage of this material is its high acoustic properties.

The best material to replace drywall

For leveling of walls, installation of partitions and suspended ceilings, ideal glass-sheet (SML). This finishing material is the best substitute of the drywall. It is moisture-resistant and durable, fire safe. Has excellent resistance steklomanija the sheets are mounted in those areas in which you can use only non-combustible materials. This material trim, emergency exits, storage of liquid fuel, etc.

Thanks to the environmental safety of glass paintings, with their help produce finish of kindergartens, kitchens, hospital wards. The flexibility of SML is similar to drywall. Therefore, it is possible to build partitions and ceilings with cutouts to mount the arches. The surface of the sheets flat and smooth, which allows for any finishing: apply Wallpaper or ceramic tile, paint, plaster.