Unrequited love is always a big drama. The woman is well aware that the chances of reciprocity she is not, it is impossible to force a person to love, it is said that the heart wants. Deep down she continues to something to hope for and at the same time, constantly afraid that a loved one will fall in love with someone else and she will lose him now forever. The woman wants to see him take care of it for him to do pleasant surprises. He couldn't care less.
She understands that this situation can't last forever, but most often I do anything with them is impossible. Oddly enough, even so, you can find positive aspects. People can be happy that his heart is filled with love, life takes on a new meaning and not so important, mutual love or not. A loving person and especially a woman, other eyes looking at the world, and he begins to sparkle with bright colors just because it is the one and only beloved, even if he's never around.
Any, even the seemingly happy and mutual love cannot exist without jealousy, feelings, time of quarrels, people begin to present to each other claims, often, in a fit of anger, decide to leave. If a man loves, knowing that hope for reciprocal feelings and not asking for anything in return – it speaks of the beauty of his soul and the richness of the inner world.
There is another situation. A woman meets a man who loves her, tries to surround with attention, and she only allows herself to love without reciprocal feeling. In this case, she gets the ability to manipulate love, it takes the attention for granted, readily accepts expensive gifts and absolutely no sense of remorse due to the fact that plays other people's feelings.
To live in this case, it becomes even easier. A woman does not feel jealous, do not feel obligated to even try to do something for this person and only enjoy the fruits of his love. However, no elation at the same time she does not feel.
What is better – to love, knowing that reciprocity will not be unloved or to allow a person to surround themselves with love and care? Every decision he takes. As a rule, at a young age girls think unrequited love is a terrible tragedy, but happy to accept the advances of the beautiful person themselves are quite indifferent. When it comes to spiritual maturity, the woman becomes easier to accept a situation in which only she loves, and to find the meaning of life in his love.
Of course, the biggest happiness is to love and be loved at the same time, and it's great when the person, even if surviving in the past, the pain and suffering of unrequited love, will be able to find it.