Wind turbines, sometimes called wind turbines, constitute a facility capable of converting wind energy into electricity. The General principle of the generator operation is simple - wind turns the turbine blades, the rotation of which is transmitted to the generator that produces electrical energy.
Wind turbines are divided into two groups - domestic and industrial. If several large industrial generators are networked, it turns out wind power station.
Key components of the wind turbine - in fact, a wind turbine, a mast (tower), where it is installed, and the generator. Windmill generated electricity is supplied to the battery or inverter that is directly connected to the mains.
Industrial wind turbines are additionally equipped with braking system for regulating the speed of rotation of the turbine turning mechanism, the anemometer and the stairs that allows you to climb to the turbine. The ladder is usually installed inside the tower of the wind turbine. The angles of the blades of the wind turbine can be changed, allowing you to adjust the speed of rotation and the efficiency of converting wind energy into electricity. Industrial wind turbines are necessarily equipped with fire extinguishing system, the data transmission system of the wind turbine and system of protection from direct lightning.
Depending on the type of wind turbine, wind turbines can have vertical or horizontal axis of rotation. The vertical axis is typical for rotary vane and rotary turbines, and horizontal vane. Advantage of rotary turbines is that their rotation does not depend on the wind direction, while wind turbines with horizontal axis of rotation necessary to Orient in the direction of air flow. On the other hand, horizontal-axis wind turbines have a high efficiency and is able to convert into electricity up to 30% wind energy, and the most effective of the rotary wind turbines - not more than 20%.
To install industrial wind turbine on a previously prepared Foundation is possible for 8-10 days. Much more time-consuming procedures related to obtaining permits and the study of air flow in the area. Studies of the wind, take at least a year, approximately the same term is given for obtaining permissions from regulatory authorities. Another problem of wind turbines - icing of the blades in the winter. The frozen blades of ice increases their weight, which reduces the efficiency of the wind turbine.