Causes and symptoms inflammation of the adenoids

Most often the causes of the inflammatory process are:
- a deficiency of vitamin D, which leads to the development of rickets in the child;
- diathesis and allergic reactions;
- artificial and monotonous diet;
- hypothermia;
- infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
- environmental factor and others.

When inflammation of the adenoids appear to be a Muco-purulent discharge, can increase the body temperature, difficult breathing process. Acute inflammation causes pain in the region of the ear, reduced hearing function, purulent discharge from the ear. In the chronic form of inflammation slows physical and mental development of the child, increased fatigue, decreased appetite, disturbed sleep.

Effective means of removing inflammation

To restore the respiratory function it is recommended to use a vasoconstrictor drops three times a day. Their action is based on removing edema and improving patency of nasal breathing. The most common means are not effective", "Naphazoline", "Xylitol", "Vibrocil" and others. But we should remember that the treatment lasts no more than 7 days, as the mucous membrane of the nose becomes thinner and dries out.

After use of vasoconstrictor drug is recommended to apply an antiseptic or antibacterial agent. For example, you can bury the "Protargol", "Bioparox", depending on the age and condition of the child. On the background of basic treatment, it is advisable to take antihistamines and vitamin complexes.

There are folk remedies for the recovery of respiratory function:
- during the day drink a mixture of 2 cups of warm milk, egg, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp. butter;
- instilled three times a day Kalanchoe juice, beets or aloe;
on an empty stomach to drink a mixture of carrot juice and spinach juice;
- rinse the nose with infusion of calendula, sea salt solution, decoction of chamomile, sage or oak bark to relieve inflammation and destroying harmful bacteria.

For faster relieve inflammation of the adenoids need to organize a balanced diet. In any case it is impossible to prevent the ingestion of allergenic foods, these include chocolate, citrus, strawberries, seafood, sweets, nuts. In the diet should prevail vegetables, fresh fruits, berries.