Metal crown consists of a cast metal frame and put on his ceramic shell. This shell in turn may be removable or not.

Plus installation of metal-ceramic crowns

First, the appearance of these crowns are virtually indistinguishable from real teeth. It can be judged in terms of appearance: the color and shape, and functionality. The aesthetic side of the issue is their indisputable advantage.

Also the owner of a crown will not notice its presence during a meal, and will feel like your natural tooth.

Second, the strength of such structures is very large. Metal frame, which is created from alloy metals chromium and cobalt or chromium and Nickel, in combination with a ceramic coating to withstand the same load as a natural tooth.

Third, the durability of the cermet is its undoubted advantage. Does not require special care, this crown can last around 15 years. Its materials are not sensitive to bacteria of the oral cavity.

In addition, the crown prevents the penetration of pathogens to the remaining underneath part of the tooth. Thus, further tooth destruction is not happening.

Finally, the affordable price porcelain fused to metal crowns makes them more popular.

Disadvantages of porcelain fused to metal

A number of drawbacks there are, of course, and this kind of dentures.

For example, the difference of svetozarevska metal-ceramic crowns and natural tooth can still give it presence. Ceramic coating transmits light much better than tooth enamel.

Installation of metal-ceramic crowns requires a long and careful preparation. In particular, it is necessary to make depulpation nerves, and grind the skeleton of the tooth on which the crown will be installed.

It is for these reasons metal-ceramic crowns is not recommended to install on the front teeth.

In addition, possible side effects of the materials, which can manifest in changing the state of the gums in contact with the crown. But it is possible that a similar reaction can be caused by a medical error, from which no one is immune.

In General, metal-ceramic crowns are much more advantages than disadvantages. And when properly installed by a competent dentist last a long time and do not cause complications.