Lago-Naki by car

To reach Lago-Naki, you must first drive to the town of Maikop – the capital of the Republic of Adygea. Highland cottage, Lago-Naki is 90 km from the city of Maykop, at an altitude of almost 2000 meters, relative to sea level. Drive from Lago-Naki is easiest by car, as the whole way the track is asphalted.

If you start the movement from Krasnodar - you should go on the highway M4 - don to the resort village of Dzhubga, along the route will be pointers to Maykop. When they reached Maikop, the main road you have to drive through town to the highway R-254 and to move to the village of the village. After approximately 7 km from the Village, near the village of Dakhovskaya, turn right to the bridge across the White river. Just around this corner is a pointer "Plateau Lago-Naki 38 km. Following this turn the road will leave a lingering and quite a steep climb. The ascent leads to a beautiful Lagonaki highland is unique place on earth. Distance from Krasnodar to plateau Lago-Naki – a little less than 200 km.

Lago-Naki by public transport

From Krasnodar bus station, regular bus connections to the Maykop from 6 am to 8 PM, with a frequency of once in two hours. The ticket costs about 200 roubles. From the station in Maykop on a bus or minibus you can drive to the bus station, located next to the Central market. From the bus station is easy to reach the village the village - there every two hours public buses. By the way, the village is also called village of Kamennomostskiy. Distance between Maykop and village village is about 40 km away.

Further from the Village to the plateau Lago-Naki had to take a taxi or hitchhike. With taxi drivers you can haggle is normal for them. And the price varies from approximately 700 to 1500 rubles. With hitch - a little more complicated. Basically passing a car is a car of visitors with families, and travel companions they are not willing to take. It is possible to overcome this roadblock to take more time. In case of overnight stay outside the village Kaidoh a large space to pitch a tent. It is desirable to have plenty of drinking water to the springs to get long enough and hard.

In extreme cases, to get to Lago-Naki, you can contact one of the existing cottages in the highlands area for a fee they will arrange the meeting of tourists and take them to the desired location.