Sprouted sunflower seeds are an effective multivitamin means they help to regulate cholesterol metabolism in the body, strengthen the nervous system and the immune system, help in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, dysbiosis, normalize acid-alkaline balance. This product has a positive effect on the brain, improves vision, memory, increases stamina, slows the aging process, accelerates the healing of soft tissue injuries, damaged bones, restores strength after illness.
Sunflower sprouts are rich mineral content, they contain large quantities of magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc. The iron content of this product is superior to raisins. The sunflower seed contains large amounts of magnesium, essential amino acids. The combination of the high content of nutrients with good bioavailability makes sunflower seeds a multivitamin and polymineral unique product, perfectly balanced in composition. Very valuable seeds sprouts for baby food.
Use sprouted sunflower seeds in fresh form, but also as a Supplement in salads, vinaigrettes, sandwiches, pates, cereals, pasta, raw cheese. Add them to the dough for the bread. From sprouted grains to make flour and sprinkle it on cereals, salads. To do this, they need to dry and grind in a mixer. Try not to expose seeds to heat treatment, as they may lose their useful properties. To enhance the therapeutic effect, eat them with a small amount of vegetable oil.
When you use sprouted sunflower seeds, observe the following rules. In the first 2 months. use sprouts not more than 5 p. per week. Don't eat them after 14.00-15.00 and at night, as it is a very high-energy food. Try to very carefully chew the seeds germinated, it is essential for the digestion of the entire complex of nutrients. People who have problems with teeth, it is recommended to grind the product. Do not eat sprouts that have started to get mildewed.