You will need
  • - siding
  • sheets
  • - screwdriver
  • - insulation
Any small building it is much better to sheathe a siding than any other finishing material. The most affordable vinyl siding. He is not inferior in durability, frost resistance and moisture resistance of the metal but less resistant to mechanical stress. Any type of siding is ideal for exterior plating baths. He will make this building is stylish and modern.
For interior decoration, this material can also be used, but only in the dressing room and other rooms that do not communicate directly with the furnace or heating elements. Vinyl siding from high temperature may be deformed, and the metal will heat up. He and the other option will not add bath of aesthetics and comfort. The internal walls of the premises where the air temperature is high, it is recommended to sheathe wood: clapboard, boards, sanded boards.
For exterior siding baths will need to make the walls of the crate. This frame can be wooden or made of metal profile. If the leveling surface is not required, the vertical posts of the sheathing can be fastened directly to the walls. It is recommended to check correctness of installation of building level length less than 80 cm If the walls of the structure have flaws, you will need an alignment. Blocks or sheets must be fixed on metal hangers for use with drywall or to use wooden lining of a different thickness. The easiest way to mount the frame first method.
If the bath needs to be insulated, the distance between racks is correlated with the width of the insulation. As it is possible to use mineral wool in slabs or rolls and foam sheet of different thickness. When selecting insulation based on glass wool, the step between the vertical uprights of the frame should be 2-3 cm less than the width of the roll or plate. If it is decided to lay a foam sheet, the distance between the posts should correspond to its size in length or width.
The siding is starting to mount with the installation of a special element configuration – initial level. It is a long narrow perforated cloth. It must be secured at the bottom of the frame, aligning horizontally.
Then proceed to the collection of siding panels. Each is fitted with groove and lock, so Assembly is simple: the top panel put on the bottom and slightly pushing on it and pulling up, snapped. Then the siding in several places are fixed with screws to the upright batten. The final stage of covering the walls – the installation of a finishing trims.