Since 1950, the alcoholism is a disease, and is treatable quite difficult. And the thing is that usually people who drink excessively, alcoholic himself does not believe, and therefore do not want to be treated and to solve the problem. The problem for the most part concerned his relatives, who see fall sick and starts to degrade.

Alcoholism has a lot of comorbidities, which can greatly complicate life, lead to disability or even death. This oncological diseases, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, heart attacks, pancreatitis, neuroses, mental changes. But this list is not complete, because the person who is intoxicated may inflict self injury and mutilation, for example, to fall and break an arm or a leg.

Treatment for alcohol dependence should be adequate and competent, very good, if it will be under the watchful supervision of a doctor psychiatrist. But not every alcoholic will agree to go to the clinic or undergo the encoding, so you should consider another drug, using the drug of the new generation "MCPFE".

Which drug helps with alcohol dependence?

One of the most effective drugs in the management of alcohol dependence are considered drops "MCPFE". They are colorless and odorless, so the treatment can be carried out without the knowledge of the patient, adding the drug to him in liquid food. However, you must follow the instructions and do not exceed the dose, otherwise, may appear side effects.

People determined to overcome addiction to alcohol, the "MCPFE" will help get rid of alcoholism. But do not forget that you can take it within 12 hours after the last ingestion of alcohol beverages.

Usage instructions

The drug is taken orally under the scheme, from 35 to 75 mg. To do this, open the ampoule and pour the contents into a special bottle with dispenser. It turns from 12 to 25 drops. The dose should be chosen depending on the complexity of the disease. To give the patient it is necessary with an interval of 12 hours between doses. The bottle should be sealed tightly and keep away from children and direct sunlight. You must consult a doctor who will prescribe the correct daily dose of medication.

Contraindications to the use of the drug

Before use you should read the contraindications, which include:

- pregnancy and lactation;
- diseases of the heart;
- diseases of the kidneys and liver;
- hypersensitivity to the drug;
- diabetes;
- epilepsy.

The advantages of the drug

The benefits of the drug for alcoholism "MCPFE" are:

without color and smell;
- add in cold and warm drinks;
- easily dispensed;
- starts working from the first day;
- removes the craving for alcohol;
- safe for prolonged use.

The drug is well tolerated by the patient, if he does not use simultaneously with alcohol. Otherwise, nausea, tinnitus, shortness of breath, chest pain, vomiting.

Other drugs from alcoholism

If a person has the individual intolerance of the drug "MCPFE", should pay attention to other medicines that are able to assist in the fight against alcoholism. These include:

"Esperal" (in the form of Cablecom or gel);
- "Teturam" (tablets for oral administration);
- "Proproten 100" (which also helps to get rid of the hangover);
- "Tatlong 250 (course of injections).

However, before the use of drugs should consult your doctor.