The Word has no independent settings on how to open a document from a browser. All parameters are configured directly in Windows.

Open the dialog "file Types" by one of the following actions:

- Press and hold the Windows key (it contains the logo of OS and is located in the lower part of the keyboard, between the Ctrl and Alt keys).
- On the desktop, double-click the My computer icon.

Now from the appeared menu choose tools> folder options" and click on the tab "file Types". You have to wait several minutes as Windows gathers information about the different types of files.

When you see the list, you have to find the DOC extension in the list. Click on it to highlight, and then click Advanced. Now you can see dialog box changing the properties of the file type". Edit offers 2 options how to display Word documents in the browser.

Opening the document in a text editor

This is the default setting. If you decide to leave it, you should only configure some parameters. If you want to have a choice to open or save the document, you must select the check box next to "Confirm open after download". Please note – if you uncheck the box for "Always ask before opening this type of file" you won't be able to note the above item.

Opening the document in Internet Explorer

Select the check box in the dialog box, Change file type properties" next to the tab "Browse in same window". This configuration means that the Word document opens by default in Internet Explorer. The browser will use the appropriate plug-in, toolbar which is a combination of the main menu in Word and Internet Explorer. You can edit and format the document exactly as possible in a text editor, but some options may not be available.

To remove this setting will have no difficulty. Just open the dialog "Change file type properties" and uncheck "Browse in same window". After that the document will by default be loaded in Word.

The document is opened in other browsers

To open the document in other browsers is possible only after the installation of special plug-ins. For example, for Opera designed View Docs for Firefox functions Google Docs Viewer and so on. There is also a large selection of online tools that do not require any downloads or installations on your computer.